The People


Lupinewood is home to, and run by, a collective of queer organizers and artists. The collective is charged with stewarding the building, ensuring its physical and financial stability for the coming decades, and carrying out Lupinewood’s political and social mission. The collective makes decisions by consensus in a weekly all-group meeting, and divides labor into subgroups tasked with organizing and completing work throughout the week.

On any given day, members of the collective might be stacking wood for the winter, weeding the gardens, planning the logistics of an upcoming event, tackling the next construction project, or discussing how to help someone in the wider community who needs support.

We also care for each other as a chosen family. As queer and trans folks, we’ve faced the isolation of not knowing who or what we can become, and not knowing who we can share our lives with. So, we show up for each other: as peers, mentors, partners, and primary supports. Some of us are in the thick of recovery work, leaning on others who’ve gone through similar battles. We accompany each other to medical visits and make sure someone has dinner waiting at the end of a long day.