In addition to working on the land, buildings, and ourselves, we’ve been running an increasing number of programs at Lupinewood, including:

Letters For Release

Letters for Release is a solidarity project that links penpals with incarcerated queer and trans people, coordinates to get them out of prison, and works to support their emotional, financial and legal needs until they are free.

Free English School

The Free English School is a student-centered language program for queer and trans non-native English speakers. Classes are led by Terran, a trans collective member at Lupinewood with 13 years experience teaching and coordinating programming for immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in his community.


What started 5 years ago as one kiddo coming over so his mom could work has turned into 6 kids spending a full day a week at Lupinewood, giving their moms some time to themselves while the kids are off having a blast.