Letters For Release

Letters for Release is a solidarity project that links penpals with incarcerated queer and trans people, coordinates to get them out of prison, and works to support their emotional, financial and legal needs until they are free.

Directly donate to the basic needs of LGBTQ folks inside detention centers here:

Partnering with Mariposas sin Fronteras and Freedom for Immigrants, we support queer and trans people from prisons around the country using a variety of tactics: connecting them with lawyers and sponsors; putting pressure on authorities through phone zaps, call-ins and media campaigns; providing companionship through depression and crisis; fundraising; networking with bail funds, and more. Once someone is released, Letters works to ensure they are transported to safe housing and supported in accessing the services they’ll need to start new lives in the so-called united states.

Letters For Release meets on a virtual call every second and fourth Monday of the month, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM EST. In the first half of the call, participants give updates on how the folks they are working with are doing, share needs and collaborate with others on the call to create action steps for meeting those needs. In the latter half of the call, participants hang out, listen to music, write letters and make art to send to their friends inside.

We’re always looking for more dedicated folks — message us to join or learn more:

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