Free Childcare

What started 5 years ago as one kiddo coming over so his mom could work has turned into 6 kids spending a full day a week at Lupinewood, giving their moms some time to themselves while the kids are off having a blast. On a typical day the kids work on personal art projects, add to murals on the walls, make their own costumes, record their own music, build forts, climb the magnolia tree and have adventures in the woods. We also take special trips to beaches and parks, visit Ice Cream Alley and scout thrift stores for dress up supplies. The kids often celebrate birthdays here and we’ve been Trick or Treating each year as a crew.

The childcare program is run by a collective member who has more than a decade of experience working directly with youth, and is supported by volunteers both from Lupinewood and the broader community. Currently the program includes kids from toddler-age to ten years old and emphasizes the importance of cooperation and conflict resolution across different age ranges and experiences. The goal is for kids to see and value their unique contributions to a group where everyone is looking out for both themselves and each other. We dream of expanding the program and putting on events for kids as we bring more spaces at Lupinewood up to code.

Guest visitors are welcome to come spend time with us! If you have a skill to share – puppet making, storytelling, video production, anything exciting you’d like to share with a great group of kids – let’s start a conversation about what a visit could look like. While the regular free childcare is for low-income children of color who live locally, any child is invited to participate in activities led by visitors as long as we have enough adults to safely supervise them all.

If you would like to lead an activity for the kids – or donate dress up clothes, toys, sports equipment, or anything that glitters – please get in touch here.